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osCommerce Add PayPal Payment Module

This osCommerce PayPal integration tutorial show how to install Paypal payment module in your os Commerce shop

osCommerce payment module tips:

osCommerce Payment Modules give the store owner a way to interface with several established companies for credit card processing, as well as a few methods that simply store information on the local server for off-line processing. There are also oscommerce payment modules available for handling cash, money order, and check payments, which do not involve an external merchant.

In this oscommerce payment tutorial, you are going to install the oscommerce PayPal module. You should be amazed at how easy and fast to accept PayPal payment on your oscommerce online store.

1. Select the PayPal link.

2. osCommerce PayPal module has been installed on your online store in just a few seconds!  It's time to configure your PayPal setting.

3. Enter the email address of your PayPal account.

4. Select the payment currency you like to accept.

5. Change other settings as required.

6. Finally click on the update button to save the changes.

7. Look! It takes about one minute to accept PayPal payment on your oscommerce online store.

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