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osCommerce STS v2.0 GUI version Video Tutorial

osCommerce STS Video TutorialsosCommerce STS (Simple Template System) V2.0 GUI software, formerly osCommerce TAS (Template Automation System), is an exciting version with a lot of new features added. Actually the future development of osCommerce STS GUI will be based on this core.

There are many exciting new features in STS v2.0 GUI, some of them are requested by users. This is highly suggest you to download the new software version and try by yourself. The following video tutorials of STS v2.0 GUI are just only two exciting new features.



Best monitor resolution for video tutorials: 1024 x 768

What's New with osCommerce STS GUI 2.0
  • osCommerce STS Template System
    From STS V2.0, you can save your own osCommerce design or theme into templates. Then the templates can be switched from one to another.
  • osCommerce STS Boxes Arrangement Automation Engine
    Most osCommerce shop owners would like to re-arrange the boxes in Left Column and Right Column. With STS drag and drop features, it just takes a very short time to finish this tedious job.
osCommerce STS GUI 2.0 Customization Series
  • osCommerce STS Configuration
    We got a lot of feedback that many osCommerce shop owner do not know about home directory and FTP. This osCommerce STS version is much easier to configure the FTP and MySQL Database than previous version. It has a mini FTP Client that allows you to navigate to the home directory of your osCommerce shop easily. Moreover this version do not require to set remote MySQL Database access of their hosting account since most osCommerce shop owners do not know how to do that.
  • Start Using osCommerce STS to Customize osCommerce Shop
    Video tutorials show how to start using STS to customize osCommerce shop.
  • osCommerce STS Header Section Customization
    Video tutorials show how easy to use STS to customize the Header Section of osCommerce shop.
  • osCommerce STS Box Header Customization
    Video tutorial series show how to use STS to customize the Box Header.
  • osCommerce STS Main Column Customization
    With STS, it only takes a very short time to customize the Main Column of osCommerce shop.
  • osCommerce New Products Display For table Customization
    This video tutorial shows how to set the number of columns and number of products displaying in New products Display For table.
  • osCommerce Footer Section Customization
    This video tutorial shows how to change the background color of the footer navigation bar and how to remove the bottom banner.
  • osCommerce STS Template System
    After doing a lot of customization, you are very satisfy with the new design. This is a good idea to save it so that you can use it later. After some times you should have some templates, you can switch the template from one to another. Therefore your osCommerce shop always have a different look. With STS, this is very easy to do that. This is a dream of many osCommerce shop owner. Here you are now....
  • osCommerce STS Templates Switching
    This is a wonderful feature many osCommerce shop owners have been asking for. Here you are in STS v2.0.
  • osCommerce STS Boxes Arrangement Automation System
    Another wonderful features some osCommerce shop owners dream of before. Yes, your dream come true with STS GUI v2.0.
  • osCommerce STS Shop Layout Setting
    Many osCommerce shop owner would like to set a fixed width of their shop, align in center and with a thick colored border. With STS GUI, it takes within a minute to finished this tedious job.

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